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We provide a comprehensive service for the test, overhaul and repair of valves.

Our service is Professional, fast and efficient and is carried out by competent manufacturer trained staff.


Before and after photos of valve repairs

Before and After Pictures

Our Services Include:

1. Overhaul - Examples of the scope of work would include:

Visual inspection for corrosion and damage of all external and internal surfaces
Undertake a pressure test to determine if lifting / operating correctly
Strip down valve taking measurements if appropriate of “as found setting”
Refurbishment of internal parts to ensure correct operation
Replacement of any damaged or suspect parts
Minimal amount of lapping to return sealing faces / plug to true
Re-build to appropriate standards utilising new packing / gaskets as required
Pressure test / Bubble test / Seat leakage test
Traceable certificate

2. Re-test / Recalibration / Recertify Services

3. Liaise with 3rd Party inspectors if required i.e. Lloyds

4. Full documentation

5. Cleaning & degreasing

We can arrange collection and the return delivery of your valves should you require.

Please contact us on T: 01482 601036 or email: